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Patagonia Torrentshell 3L ($150) This high quality and breathable 3 layer raincoat limits clamminess and is versatile enough to wear all year long. More on this in waterproofing below. Despite these changes, its still very budget-friendly, retailing for $100 at mostthough it can nearly always be found on sale. Popular applications include backcountry skiing and trekking in mild weather. So for folks looking to upgrade from a Marmot Minimalist, we recommend if sizing options allow, that you look no further than the Torrentshell 3L. Category: Hiking/performanceWeight: 10.6 oz.Waterproofing: 3L Gore-TexWhat we like: Premium weather protection alongside a casual feature set.What we dont: Relatively thin, no pit zips or helmet-compatible hood. A jackets ability to keep you cool is greatly enhanced with the inclusion of pit zips, which we discuss further below. Theyre part of a rain jackets ventilation system, and a jackets either got em, or it doesnt. Men's Climbing Jackets. For outdoor adventurers, access to your phones GPS and mapping apps gives confidence when navigating, especially when weather conditions make finding your way trickier. Hand pockets are a convenient place to warm your hands up when rain mittens are out of the question. The PreCip is their leading entry-level offering thats reached iconic status among hikers, backpackers, and everyday wearers. Youll often find them in entry-level styles, such as the $75 Columbia Watertight II above. . Of all the jackets the Patagonia Torrentshell is the best performer in the rain. They offer U.S. sizing and Asian Fit sizing, so choose the one that is right for your body. Category: Daily use/hikingWeight: 14.1 oz.Waterproofing: 3L H2No Performance StandardWhat we like: 3-layer performance, quality materials, and good looks at an excellent price.What we dont: A bit crinkly and stiff; no chest pocket. But if youre looking for ways to make running in the rain more comfortableand live some place where it rains a lot this might be the jacket for you. This jacket provides a robust defense against mother nature, pairing Gore-Texs 2.5-layer Paclite Plus with a durable 75-denier plain-weave polyester. Be sure to bring your hands to shoulder height to test how far the sleeves ride up while youre moving. And on the move, the hand pocket vents on the REI arent as effective for dumping heat as the Minimalists and Forays pit zips (plus, opening them up means you can't rely on the pockets for storage). In testing, material quality has been a common theme: Everything from the thick-toothed main zipper to the pit zips and three-way adjustable hood have a solid and reliable feel. Men's Climbing Jackets & Vests. It reminds us of similar Gore Tex jackets that are twice-the-price, such ArcTeryx jackets we tested. Most noticeably, it causes water droplets to bead up and roll off. Category: Daily use/hikingWeight: 13 oz.Waterproofing: 2L Gore-Tex PacliteWhat we like: Good-looking and solid Gore-Tex protection at a great price.What we dont: Current version feels cheaper than predecessors. Overlay - 3 Column; Overlay - 4 Column; Default - 2 Column Layer 2 is the real waterproof layer. Not as water-resistant as Marmot pants. Pockets give us the option of easy access to snacks as we move towards less rainy conditions. To give the best seal possible, every rain jacket that we recommend here has some sort of cinch system at the hem. laundromat nea. A 2.5-layer lightweight jacket with pit zips and mesh lining in the pockets like the Marmot PreCip Eco (review above) will provide good ventilation (more below in our primer on layers). They go as far as detailing the sustainable steps theyve made, as well as calling out where they come up short at the bottom of their product pages. Its not that any of these features is a dealbreaker, but rather, you have to decide what you must haveand what you could do withoutbefore going hunting for a jacket. The exception is thru-hikers, who will absolutely pay for the lightest rain jacketespecially with a better waterproofing and breathability rating. The latest rain jacket from the Patagonia brand sports a 3-layer construction, giving it a big boost in performance. A longstanding favorite in the rain shell market, Marmots Minimalist balances classy looks with solid Gore-Tex protection. But it serves the same purpose as Layer 3: protecting that layer-2 membrane from oil, dirt, and other junk. Were neutral on the near-pocketlessness, because while it can be nice to have pockets, adding them to a minimalist jacket can feel extraneous. Called the Hydrostatic Head Pressure test, it measures water permeability for fabrics. Patagonia's Torrentshell 3L rain jacket is about as popular and well liked as it gets in the outdoor apparel space. Will the jacket sit shorter in the front than in the back in the womens model, or is it designed with womens bodies in mind? Marmot vs Patagonia: {Head-to-Head Comparison in 2022} June 26, 2022. You might also like: The Best Rain Jackets Under $50 Material and Other Details. The big news is the stretchy 2.5-layer construction, which offers greater comfort than a standard rain jacket like the REI Rainier above. At just 10.9 ounces, its on par with many budget-oriented 2.5-layer designs like the Marmot PreCip Eco, yet the Motive features a 3-layer construction that easily beats out the Marmot in toughness and breathability. The name's a little misleading. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Arcteryx has traditionally lagged behind here, but some of their recent releases have begun incorporating these best-known practices. Photo by Robert Curzon. The Enlightened Equipment Visp with Pit Zips (5.3 oz) doesn't have pockets. But Patagonia upped their game with the Torrentshell 3L (see review above), a more-adjustable helmet-compatible hood, top-of-the-line waterproofing, higher eco-standards, and a price tag thats cheaper by $40. But thru-hikers know they'll be living in their rain jacket at some point or another on their journey, so will appreciate choosing the Versalite. (And, if youre looking for a sale, our links reflect hours of searching for the best deals on our recommended picks and prices that include shipping and returns.). Reproduction without permission is prohibited. You may notice a waterproof rating listed on some outdoor gear websites, represented by a number from 0 to 20,000mm or more. If youre looking for a great all-around waterproof rain jacket, we like the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L as a high-performing, durable option at a mid-range price. If you're thru-hiking a particularly wet trail and know you're willing to pay even more for an ultralight jacket with better waterproofing, we're big fans of the Montbell Torrent Flier. You'll want an adjustable hood. It also enjoys the title of being the trailblazer in the US in collaborating with Gore-Tex to manufacture weather-protection products that are lighter in weight but stronger . From its performance to its features, from its impact to its price, we think the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L is the best rain jacket for most people. All that water in the jackets fabric makes the fabric colder, which can make you feel like youre getting wet. We are proud to be independent and reader-supported. 460 grams (men), 410 grams (women) 2. Released last year, the Arcteryx Beta offers a nice middle ground for those who want the premium weather protection of the Beta LT above alongside a more casual feature set. (Sensing a trend?) In choosing the right backpacking tent, you have a wide range of options from minimalist ultralight shelters to inexpensive and heavier entry-level models. Compared to the other jackets in our review, its super breathable and light-- the heavy mens version weighs 12.5 ounces. These are made from a special spandex & nylon fabric that features a 4-way stretch, and, as such, provides wearers with increased freedom of movement. If youre noticing that the jacket isnt beading up water anymore and putting it in the dryer for a short stretch doesnt fix the problem, you may need to reapply some DWR (this is common as the coating diminishes over time). Reasonably priced at $199, the Motive has a whole lot going for it. So if youre mostly splashing around in warmer rain, then, youll want ventilation rather than breathability (see more below). By entering your email address, you agree to receive our weekly newsletter in accordance with our Privacy Policy. But for skiing, climbing, or bike commuting, we appreciate the LTs more hardwearing 40-denier shell (the Beta is 30D), and the helmet-compatible hood and pit zips are an undeniable benefit for those really getting after it. Category: PerformanceWeight: 12.7 oz.Waterproofing: 3L BD.dryWhat we like: A stretchy and light performance shell at a good price.What we dont: Less bombproof and versatile than a Gore-Tex design. Category: Performance/hikingWeight: 8.3 oz.Waterproofing: 3L H2No Performance StandardWhat we like: Strong 3-layer performance in a minimalist package.What we dont: Not great for daily use and less of an all-rounder than the Beta above. Category: Hiking/daily useWeight: 11.3 oz.Waterproofing: 2.5L BD.dryWhat we like: Stretchy, loaded with features, and affordable.What we dont: Large fit doesnt match its performance intent. All rights reserved. I would appreciate it if you would edit your post to clarify this and avoid misinformation. Photo by Naomi Hudetz. 6. So what does it mean when your jacket is 2.5-layer? And everyone wants to have their phone in easy reach to get a photo when that rainbow pops out of the clouds. Prime Try Before You Buy. A men's commuter raincoat: Helly Hansen Moss Rain Coat. When these professional reviews overlapped, we checked Amazon, REI, and Backcountry customer reviews of those rain jackets, and compared those reviews to our own experiences testing some of these models. What We Don't: Price. It was a little different from many other jackets in the same rain shell category in that it was made from Gore-tex. One criterion that guided us was a commitment to finding a lightweight jacket (as compared to a raincoat) that we felt was on the more affordable end of the gear buying spectrum. Not just yet. Here, the Patagonia Torrentshell is shown zipped up alongside a waterbottle to give perspective. You often get two hand pockets and a chest pocket (either on the inside or outside of the shell), all the better for the little things you need to carry around on a daily basis like a phone or wallet. Daily use/hiking: 2.5L Gore-Tex: Unavail. Moreover, Outdoor Research updated the fit to a trimmer cut, and the jacket now stuffs into its exterior chest pocket. First, we focused on sources that tested and rated both of them, like OutdoorGearLab, and learned that they all showed a preference for the Marmot Minimalist. These downsides are enough to drop the XeroDry a bit on our list, but we still like its combination of features, Gore-Tex membrane, and price Read in-depth reviewSee the Men's REI XeroDry GTX See the Women's REI XeroDry GTX. Of note: This article includes picks for both men and women, but weve also written a dedicated round-up on the best womens rain jackets. These are the criteria we looked at when making our decision: There are two things to look at when it comes to staying dry: the layers of the jacket, and the waterproof/breathability rating a jacket has (more on the science of that below). While Naomi was a little disappointed with the newest model's pocketstheyve moved further down the jacket, and will sit under a hip belt if youre wearing oneshe loved the changes to both the hood and the pit zips. Make sure you think about whats best for you before you buy. Weighing just 6.4 ounces, their Versalite rain jacket is a prime example: You get impressive breathability, good comfort, and features like pit zips and hand pockets for around $250. Other factors like seam taping play a major role in waterproofness, so the number doesnt truly determine how dry you will stay in a downpour. Weight: 12.5 oz (men's), 10.6 oz (women's), Waterproof Material: Gore tex Paclite Plus, Breathability Rating: 15,000 g/m2/24 hours, What we liked: value for price, waterproofing rating, sizing availability. Performance-oriented rain jackets are your focused outdoor pieces. The benefits of the Velcro style are simplicity and weight: They dont require a cord or toggle, both of which add a bit of bulk. Weight: 13.9 oz (mens), 12.5 oz (womens), What we liked: 3-layer waterproof jacket for a reasonable price, eco-friendly, lifetime warranty, well-featured with pockets, pit zips, versatility for town and trail, What we didn't like: heavier than many rain jackets. Patagonia ranch jacket vs barn coat. You can take note of the number when its available, as it will often correlate with other characteristics like fabric thickness and durability, but dont base your buying decision on that alone. Category: PerformanceWeight: 14.5 oz.Waterproofing: 2.5L Gore-Tex Paclite PlusWhat we like: Durable shell with premium waterproofing.What we dont: Relatively heavy and bulky. Layer 3 also helps water move from the warm inner of your jacket to the cool environment outside through the thermal gradient. The Marmot has all the more common features youd want in a hiking or backpacking rain jacket, like armpit zips, hand pockets that serve as additional vents, and the ability to stow down into a hand pocket. For comparison's sake, our top-ranked Patagonia Torrentshell 3L weighs 12.4 ounces and is about 1.5 times the size of the Norrna when packed into its pocket. Editor's Note: "Packable" indicates the jacket has a stuff pocket. Moreover, the tall hand pockets and exposed zippers lack the refinement and sleek styling that you get from an Arcteryx product. Another potential explanation is that those reviewers simply werent ventilating enoughand the water that they feel is really their own sweat, not rain. Even our sweatiest tester says he didn't feel clammy. The interior is also quite comfortable for a rain shell, and we found it wasnt prone to feeling clammy even when working up a sweat in Washingtons Hoh Rainforest. 48. Waterproofing: 2L Gore-Tex with Paclite Plus & 3-layer Gore-Tex with C-Knit. Designs like Outdoor Researchs Motive and Black Diamonds StormLine and FineLine incorporate fabrics and a waterproof internal membrane that flex surprisingly easily. After analyzing more than a dozen outdoor magazine gear reviews and hundreds of customer reviews, we purchased the most promising rain jackets. Patagonia shook up the rain jacket market with the release of its Torrentshell 3L a few years ago. If you value comfort and stretchiness in a rain jacket, its pretty ideal. A waterproof jacket without DWR wont breathe as well in heavy rain because the water will pool up and soak into the exterior fabric layer. When Layer 1 is saturated with water, its called wetting out or soaking through. Youll know your jacket has wetted out when the face fabric is so wet that it clings to your skin. We outline other key measures in our "Sustainability" section below. A utilitarian men's rain jacket: Columbia Men's . Breathable: Jack Wolfskin JWP. Also, itll help if you need, say, a climbing or biking helmet. Specifically, the jacket has lost its high-end feel: Prior models featured premium fabrics and thick and oversized touch points like zipper pulls and toggles, but the latest model feels plasticky and cheap by comparison. On a warm day, the lack of that thermal gradient means your jacket will not be able to tell that the outside air is cooler, so it wont move that moisture. We recommend sleeves that are slightly longer than youd try to get for a normal shirt, to give some weather protection to your hands. Youll see one side cinch on ultralights when the manufacturer is trying to cut some weight. 3. Photo by John Carr. If youre in the market for a casual shell for light drizzles or quick dashes between the car and the climbing gym, the Cielo fits the part.See the Men's Cotopaxi Cielo See the Women's Cotopaxi Cielo. Patagonia's answer to Marmot's PreCip Eco pants is called Causey Pike Pants. The North Face Antora - Women's. $89. $169.00. Its not quite as durable as the Torrentshell, but the Downpour is the sleeker and more packable design and more fine-tuned for performance use. The Marmot Minimalist jacket caught my eye late last year. You can count on Patagonia to offer all this performance with 100% . Explore the Patagonia Men's Torrentshell 3L Jacket: online Buy Men's jacket Waterproof Patagonia Light Storm Jacket - Travel Switchback Review Jacket Patagonia Storm10 YouTube - Jacket Storm Puff Patagonia Men's Micro Patagonia Storm Jacket Climb Ski Countryside Jacket Patagonia - Storm - 49% SAVE Sale, Patagonia Jacket Brown Hot Jacket Waterproof Storm10 Patagonia Men's . But Patagonia upped their game with the Torrentshell 3L (see review above ), a more-adjustable helmet-compatible hood, top-of-the-line waterproofing, higher eco-standards, and a price . And rain gear, with its breathable fabric and waterproof membrane technology, doesnt always come cheap. Heavy downpours can overwhelm the thin build, causing the fabric to absorb moisture and feel wet against your skin. Its one of only a few Gore Tex Pac Lite plus jackets on our list and normally, namebrand waterproofing like Gore Tex costs a premium. Still, the PreCip Eco isnt bad for a Budget Pick. Full unzipped, the jacket becomes a poncho. The Arc'teryx Norvan SL was even lighter at 4.4 oz, but has been discontinued. Although it has a higher price tag as compared to some of the other jackets in this review, we think its the best bet if you foresee a lot of rain in your future. The North Face Lightriser Futurelight is a running jacket is the most breathable running rain jacket we found. You may not see Layer 2most jackets on the market are 2.5-layer and feature a thin layer between Layer 2 and your skinbut its there, doing its job. If you dont need full-on winter protection, however, the Highline is a comfortable and well-designed shell that costs significantly less than the Gore-Tex-equipped alternativesRead in-depth reviewSee the Men's BD Highline Stretch See the Women's BD Highline Stretch. Waterproof Material: 3-Layer Futurelight 20D recycled polyester, Waterproof Rating: 100% waterproof (does not use hydrostatic test and has a different rating system), What we liked: Ultralight, packable jacket that strips extraneous features while sticking to the primary function of the jacketkeeping a waterproof jacket comfortable while its raining, What we didnt like: Too minimal for some for its price; some users will prefer a more generously cut jacket, sizes are limited, What we liked: breathability, lightweight, ventilation, What we didn't like: price, slim cut and limited sizing maxes at XL, no pockets or pit zips are not the best design for general use outside of running. Fitted with pit zips and Gore-Tex Paclite technology, this is a super warm yet breathable jacket that can . But what sets the Foray apart is its full-length side zips (called TorsoFlo) that extend from the armpit all the way to the bottom hem. Knowing which situation youre likely to encounter most often will help you find the best waterproof rain jacket for you. Comparison of expert ratings. Patagonia has also added another zipper to their pit zips, meaning more customizable ventilation and easier zipping and unzipping. There are many different types of jackets available from Patagonia. 80 degrees and raining on a humid East Coast hike in July will require a very different rain jacket than is useful when its 35 degrees and raining in the Canadian Rockies. And while she loved the waterproof zippers, she did share that it was a bit of a fight to unzip them sometimes. OSPREY-PACKS: Backpacking Pack Sale!Save Big on Kestrel, Kyte, and Hydration Packs now . Best Women's: Columbia Women's Arcadia II. Our Patagonia Men's Torrentshell 3L Jacket has a trusted reputation for providing exceptional waterproof/breathable performance, comfort and durability. Most significant is the price: At a whopping $450, its the most expensive rain jacket here and arguably overkill for summer backpacking or around-town use. Treeline writer Tiffany Searsdodd wearing the Marmot Minimalist rain jacket (also shown is the Mountain Hardwear) during a storm on the John Muir Trail. Thats why ventilation and breathability are clutch when it comes to a rain jackets performance. The Top 7 Waterproof Jackets in 2023. Price: $425. Traditional softshell jackets are not fully waterproof. To show you only the most rave-reviewed rain jackets for your outdoor adventures, we compared reviews from Adventure Alan, Adventure Junkies, The Big Outside, Greenbelly, Clever Hiker, Gear Patrol, Outdoor Gear Lab (two separate guides), Outside Online, REI, Section Hiker, The Strategist (two separate guides), and Switchback Travel (see Sources). Need to go fast and light? That said, the Versalite checks a lot of boxes from a performance standpoint and deserves consideration from ultralight backpackers and minimalist summer-time adventurers.See the Men's Montbell Versalite See the Women's Montbell Versalite. The fabricwhich our tester raved about. It does come with what REI calls Core Ventilation, which is essentially the same mesh pockets you'll find in most 2.5 L rain jackets. Click to reveal And while, sure, some fabrics and some jacket builds do better than others, its important to know that if youre exerting a lotparticularly in warm weatheryoure likely going to sweat at least a little bit. Category: Hiking/daily useWeight: 12.5 oz.Waterproofing: 2L Gore-Tex PacliteWhat we like: Great price for a Gore-Tex shell.What we dont: Step down in material quality from OR Foray above. CNN also identifed a solid, less-expensive option in the REI Rainier: . Some cheaper rain jackets are barely breathable at all, but almost all of the fabrics used in todays models are at least somewhat breathable and promoted as such. Copyright 2023 Treeline Review LLC. The jacket features a 2.5 layer waterproof design and that actually keeps water out. It is a great jacket to have if you are going to be in persistent wind or rain. Its a 20D 81 g/m face fabric, fully recycled polyester with a soft, tacky feel unlike most slick and swishy rain jacket fabrics. This Marmot jacket might be called Minimalist, but its features are anything but that. What are the compromises in choosing the Helium Rain? 686 Paclite Jacket. Tack on sleek Patagonia styling, wide variety of available colorways, new-for-2023 PFC-free DWR coating (to go along with the 100%-recycled face fabric), and excellent $179 price tag, and the versatile Torrentshell 3L currently is our favorite overall rain jacket. And we gotta say, it looks sleek too - yet another reason it landed as our winner. A 2.5-layer jacket attaches a very thin interior fabric to the waterproof/breathable laminate or coating. Patagonia Torrentshell 3L: 13.9 oz : H2No Performance Standard shell: Yes: 2 zippered . Some rain jackets offer pit zips and/or full side vents, while basic models do not (as well as taped seams on more expensive rain jackets for extra protection from the elements). But it's $400 MSRPwell above our price limit for this piece. If youve ever had a lightweight rain jacket stick to your skin while wearing short sleeves, you know that it not only feels kind of gross, but it actually makes you colder. 4. Velcro adjustable cuffs can be made wider than your wrist, allowing most of that rain to drip onto the ground instead of your hands. Some manufacturers succeed better than others at this concept. For years, the PreCip has been a reliable standby hiking rain jacket available in relatively inclusive sizing-and the updated Eco model reflects care for the environment, as its made of recycled materials and uses a PFC-free DWR coating (durable water repellent). In the world of rain jackets, Marmot just seems to get it, delivering good fit and performance at reasonable price points. Look to weight as a great indicator of how packable a jacket truly is. The Patagonia Torrentshell jacket is another pullover option that combines practicality with style. However, in saving some money, you give up some in material qualitywe found the XeroDrys shell cheaper-feeling and faster to absorb moisture in heavy rainfall. Plus, it's made out of the super ultralight Pertex shield 2.5 L fabric, with Outdoor Research reporting that the new 2023 fabric is 7 times more tear resistant than previous models. BEST RAIN JACKET OVERALL. This coating is applied to the exterior of most rain jackets to prevent moisture from absorbing into the face fabric by beading up the droplets. (And yes, they switched the name from the Helium II back to the Helium, so while its hard to get an original, keep that in mind when youre bargain-hunting.) For those looking to carry their rain jacket in a running belt or running vest, and potentially racing with them, the FutureLight Rain jacket is also tailored to balance packability and weight while keeping you dry. Black Diamond took the plunge into the rain shell market with their StormLine. MSRP: $179 WEIGHT: 14.1 oz. Layer 3, if a jacket has it, is the interior protection. The Montbell Versalite is similarly rated for 30,000+ mm/24 hours, but comes at a premium. We wish we lived in a world where money was no object, but alas. Everything about this jacket is windproof and waterproof, from the adjustable hood to the drawcord at the hem. In other words, unless you prioritize price above all else, we think the REI is the better buy Read in-depth reviewSee the Men's Columbia Watertight II See the Women's Columbia Arcadia II. Cotopaxi gives it a 10K waterproof rating, which generally correlates to only light protection against moisture. Plus, a zipped pocket is an extra guarantee against losing your phone or snacks. Despite claims of being waterproof and breathable, many rain jackets are just plain stuffy. But while it offers all the performance most hikers need, its simplified design does make a few sacrifices. For performance use, the benefits are obvious: While climbing, hiking, or other activities where youre moving your arms a lot, a stretchy jacket is less restrictive. As with many Montbell products, where the Versalite comes up short is everyday wear. Both the Marmot PreCip Eco and the Outdoor Research Helium are 2.5-layer jackets. The Highline sticks to BDs roots with a climbing helmet-compatible hood (its too small for a standard ski helmet) and includes useful features like pit zips, hand pockets, and a tall collar. These can reach over the top of most climbing helmets for added weather protection. In theory, we agree with them, but in practice, that might be a different story. In particular, weve seen some breakdown of layers. Thats why we suggest a jacket with ventilation for warm weather. With rain jackets, most reviews we saw generally defaulted to mens models and presumed that the womens models of the same jacket were essentially the same. I used the Torrentshell 3L on my Blue Mountains Trail thru-hike in September, Naomi mentioned. 7. You may have heard about rain jackets needing to breathe. Breathability in a rain jacket means your garment takes sweat and moisture vapor from inside your jacket and moves them to the outside of Layer 1, where they ideally can evaporate. Admittedly, some customer reviews found that it feels a little insulated. Weve placed the latest AscentShell jacket toward the bottom of our list, however, because its finer details are somewhat disappointing.

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